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Inside Our Program

Kintsugi: First-Year EDI Students Explore Art of Repair in 2020

February 2021   EDI Boot Camp invites new students to build skills and community virtually through distributed design practice.

EDI Application Questions Answered

January 2021   The MS in Engineering Design Innovation (EDI) program discusses some of the most common questions they hear from prospective students about the application process.

Segal News

Anthony Jakubiak Gives Back to EDI Community

July 2020   The EDI alum, who currently works as Executive Design Director at Chase, recently participated in a New York City panel discussion for EDI students.

EDI Program Welcomes New Advisory Board

May 2020   Design leaders from across industries offer guidance and input on preparing students for emerging roles in design and innovation.

Segal News

EDI Team Collaborates to Move Design Studio Courses Online

April 2020   Segal Design Institute faculty and staff adopt distributed design tools to deliver coursework in the wake of COVID-19.

from Northwestern Engineering

City of Chicago Launches Design System

April 2020   Discover how a Northwestern EDI class helped validate the need for Chicago's new visual identity.

Winter 2020 Design Innovation Trek to San Francisco

March 2020   Northwestern EDI ‘20 students recently visited Bay Area design studios and EDI alumni.

Design Innovation in New York City

March 2020   Northwestern EDI student Kelly McComas reflects on her experience touring startups and design studios with design innovation graduate students in NY.

Demonstrating the value of human-centered design

January 2020   Joanne Ting-Yu Hsu’s summer internship with Feeding America taught her to experiment and reflect more, thanks to alumnus mentor Dan Butt.

Creating Solutions for Complex Healthcare Challenges

January 2020   Working with alumna mentor Aubrey Kraft at Kaiser Permanente Design Consultancy made Alyssa Brown’s summer internship an experience to remember.

EDI '19 Cohort Celebrates Graduation

December 2019   Northwestern University’s Master of Science in Engineering Design Innovation (EDI) program celebrated the graduation of its accomplished master’s students on December 14.

Human-Centered Designs on Display at Thesis Fair

December 2019   On December 13, graduating EDI students presented their thesis projects before faculty, mentors, family, friends, and classmates at the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center.

EDI Alumni Network Helps Students Find Internships and Jobs

November 2019   Chris Spaulding (EDI '19) interned at Milwaukee Tool over the summer where he was mentored by two EDI alumni.

Design by EDI Alumnus Chosen for Nike By You x Cultivator

November 2019   Morgan Lewis (MS EDI '18) designed a sneaker for her Industrial Design class and now it is available as a limited edition shoe on the Nike website.

EDI Students Win dmi:Design Value Award

October 2019   A team of EDI students were honored as third place winners for an innovative menstrual cup system.

EDI '20 Students Design 'Wildest Dreams'

September 2019   The newest cohort of EDI students completed Design Boot Camp with presentations and a gallery walk in the Ford Design Studio on September 23.

Integrating Design Thinking and Business Strategy

July 2019   During the spring term, EDI students collaborated with 3M as part of the course DSGN 455: Design Strategy.

Segal Design Institute Hosts San Francisco Design Week Panel Discussion

July 2019   Jim Wicks, Director of the MS EDI program, moderated a panel with representatives from Uber Health, HopeLab, and the City of Chicago before an audience of nearly one hundred people.

Innovating through Design Sprints

June 2019   Fourteen EDI students enrolled in a course called Design Sprints developed projects for industry partners, including Kraft Heinz, Lurie Children's, and Actualize Therapy.

EDI Students Compete in VentureCat

May 2019   Christy Zhang, Hanna Lauterbach, and Chris Spaulding (EDI '19) will represent their startup called Maya in VentureCat, an event celebrating Northwestern's most promising student-founded startups.

Accenture’s Baiju Shah Visits Campus to Discuss the Future of Design and Strategy

April 2019   Baiju Shah, chief strategy officer for Accenture Interactive and global lead at Fjord, gave the talk “Design and Strategy: What’s Next?” as part of the Segal Design Leadership Series on April 17.

from Northwestern Engineering

Northwestern Students Apply Design Thinking to Legal Service Delivery

March 2019   Students from Northwestern Law and Segal Design Institute’s EDI program teamed up recently for Design + Law, an event that focused on design thinking as a problem-solving approach for legal service delivery.

City of Chicago Partners with Northwestern Engineering to Explore Civic Service Design

March 2019   Master of Science in Engineering Design Innovation (EDI) students worked with the City of Chicago to explore new ways for residents to engage with city services.

from Northwestern Engineering

Procter & Gamble Takes Tide Cleaners Nationwide

February 2019   In 2015, EDI students collaborated with the consumer products company to design a direct-to-consumer service called Tide Spin. Procter & Gamble announced it will roll out a version of the service to 2,000 locations by next year.

Students at 5th Annual IDI Challenge Address Campus Food Insecurity

February 2019   Twelve EDI students traveled to Boston for the annual Integrated Design Innovation (IDI) Challenge to connect with master's students from peer programs and present work to Feeding America.

Northwestern, SAIC Students Partner through ‘Data as Art’ Class

January 2019   Multimedia art projects created in the fall 2018 ‘Data as Art’ class will be on display in the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center until late February.

from Northwestern Engineering

EDI Graduates Celebrate Commencement

December 2018   Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science celebrated the graduation of its accomplished master’s students from the Engineering Design Innovation program on Saturday, December 15.

Hybrid Designers Show Projects at EDI Thesis Fair

December 2018   On December 14, eighteen EDI students presented their thesis projects before faculty, mentors, family, friends, and classmates at the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center.

Student Projects Showcased at Fall Design Expo

December 2018   The two-day event featured student work from Segal Design Institute courses and programs, including the MS in Engineering Design Innovation program, Segal Design Certificate, and first-year course Design Thinking and Communication.

from Northwestern Engineering

Class of 2018: EDI Thesis Projects

December 2018   Each graduating student from the EDI program completed a thesis project with support from faculty and industry mentors. The projects spanned multiple fields of design including product, interaction, service, strategy, and user experience.

EDI Students Prepare for Human-Centered Design Careers

November 2018   Students in the EDI program benefit from intimate conversations with alumni about how design integrates in different fields. That's important in an industry where integrated design innovation skills don’t fall easily into one job category.

Service Design Course Partners with Feeding America to Address Food Insecurity

October 2018   Twenty students in the winter 2018 Service Design course worked with Feeding America to create solutions to distribute rescued foods from retail stores to food insecure community members.

from Northwestern Engineering

EDI Students Begin Their Journey

October 2018   The EDI program welcomed 19 new students from 5 countries and 15 different schools to campus for Design Boot Camp, a pre-term session.

EDI Students Reflect on Internships

September 2018   This past summer, EDI students interned at Feeding America, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble Ventures among others. Four students share their experiences.

Design Strategy for iRobot

August 2018   EDI students developed conceptual ecosystems for the consumer robot company iRobot as part of their course DSGN 455: Design Strategy.

Exploring the Future of Freight and Logistics

June 2018   During a pilot course, 11 EDI students gained a hands-on experience with Uber Freight's efforts to transform one of the nation’s most critical industries.

Wheels Up

June 2018   Julia Savich, EDI '17, and Northwestern students with Design For America Summer Studio work to take the stress out of air travel for wheelchair users.

from Northwestern Engineering

PedalCell Competes in VentureCat

May 2018   Gar Waterman, EDI ‘18, balances his courses in human-centered design with work on a student-led startup called PedalCell.

Alumnus Takes Idea from Thesis Project to Manufacturing

May 2018   Phoebe Evans, EDI '17, is a Breakthrough Technology Process Engineer for Mars Wrigley Confectionery. In her spare time, Evans has developed her EDI thesis project, Gumdrop, into a market-ready product.

Taking on Food Insecurity

March 2018   In a Service Design course, 20 EDI students developed new ways for Feeding America to get food into the hands of those who need it most.

EDI Class Brings Together Designers and Entrepreneurs

February 2018   EDI students help solve human-centered design issues for undergraduate entrepreneurs working on startup companies.

from Northwestern Engineering

White Space Design Challenge

February 2018   On January 27, seventy-seven students from Northwestern, Illinois Institute of Technology, Purdue University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago gathered on Northwestern’s Evanston campus to kick off the White Space Design Challenge.

Class of 2017: EDI Thesis Projects

January 2018   Each graduating student from the EDI program completed a thesis project with support from faculty and industry mentors. The projects spanned multiple fields of design including product, interaction, service, strategy, and user experience.

Growth on Display

December 2017   On December 8 at the Ford Engineering Design Center, graduate students displayed their projects at the 2017 EDI Thesis Show, the culmination of the students' 18-month academic journey.

Design Expo Showcases Innovative Projects

December 2017   The two-day event featured student work from several Segal Design Institute courses and programs, including the MS EDI program, student group Design for America, and first-year course Design Thinking and Communication.

from Northwestern Engineering

Designing for Inclusion in 24 Hours

November 2017   Graduate students from Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon presented prototypes intended to help those with disabilities navigate urban areas.

Creating a Category for Graduate Design Degrees

October 2017   EDI's Studio Director, Amy O’Keefe, works toward making design degrees more consistent among peer institutions.

from Northwestern Engineering

EDI Announces New Director

October 2017   The EDI program has announced Jim Wicks as the new Director of the EDI program. Before joining the faculty at Segal Design Institute in 2016, Wicks was the Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience Design at Motorola.

EDI '18 Students Go 'Into The Wild'

September 2017   The newest students in the MS EDI program completed a ten-day bootcamp in design, mechatronics, fabrication before the official start of their program.

EDI Students Head Out for Summer Internships

June 2017   Students enrolled in the MS EDI program participate in summer internships at a variety companies, including Autodesk, IDEO, Medtronic, and Procter & Gamble.

Helping Students with Food Allergies Transition to College

April 2017   Students in the EDI program collaborated with Dr. Ruchi Gupta, a Northwestern-based food allergy researcher, to address the vulnerability of students with life-threatening food allergies on college campuses.

Class of 2016 EDI Thesis Projects

December 2016   The thesis projects spanned multiple fields of design including product, interaction, service, strategy, and user experience.

Class of 2016 graduates

December 2016   Segal Design Institute celebrated the newest graduates from the MS EDI program.

Twenty-Four Hours to Address a Twenty-Year-Old Problem

November 2016   Nearly 80 graduate students from four Integrated Design Innovation programs – Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, MIT and Carnegie Mellon – were tasked to inject innovative design into medicine.

Taking Aim at Food Allergies

November 2016   Engineering Design Innovation students targeted food allergy risks on college campuses with Dr. Ruchi Gupta from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Connecting Chicago to the Classroom

October 2016   Chicago Ideas Week inspired city residents to think, dream and connect. EDI students were among the crowd, thanks to support provided by the Norman Fund.

EDI Students Explore Hakuna Matata in Design Boot Camp

September 2016   Incoming students to the EDI program participated in Design Boot Camp before the start of the fall term.

EDI Alumnus Designs Super Bowl City

March 2016   EDI alumnus and SAP Experience Designer Matt Glibbery helped design Super Bowl 50's Super Bowl City. Read this Q&A to learn more about his experience working on the project.

Meet Segal's James Dyson Foundation Scholars

March 2016   JDF awards yearly scholarships to students who demonstrate a commitment to engineering and the development of new ideas. Meet this year's three scholars from Segal.

from Segal Design Institute

Class of 2015 Takes EDI Alumni Count Past 100

December 2015   EDI class of 2015 graduated this week, moving the program's alumni count into the hundreds. Family, friends, and faculty celebrated the students and all of their accomplishments in Ford prior to the ceremony.

from Segal Design Institute

Dimensions: EDI Thesis Presentations 2015

December 2015   EDI class of 2015 culminates their 15-month program with final thesis project presentations with projects ranging from products to services to strategies.

from Segal Design Institute

Connoisseurs of Touch

December 2015   Northwestern Engineering researchers break through the touchscreen technology, putting tactile information at users' fingertips. Literally.

from Northwestern Engineering

EDI + P&G: Six Years in the Making

November 2015   Segal Advisory Board member Robb Olsen talks about his role at P&G, the company's six-yearlong partnership with EDI, what it's like working with his wife and more in this Q+A.

from Segal Design Institute

Design Challenge: Emergency Epinephrine Access

November 2015   Students from Northwestern and the University of Pennsylvania participated in the third annual 24-hour Design Challenge. This year's focus was emergency epinephrine access.

New EDIs Take on Wabi Sabi-Themed Boot Camp

September 2015   A new class of EDIs started orientation this month, learning new skills and creating projects that embodied this year's theme of Wabi Sabi.

from Segal Design Institute

EDI Alumni Finalists in Global Design Award

August 2015   EDI alumni are finalists for INDEX: Award 2015, a global design award focused on "Designing to Improve Life." The winners will be revealed on August 27 in Denmark.

from Segal Design Institute


August 2015   EDI student Torey Kocsik was recently interviewed by James Dyson Foundation about how she came to be an engineer as well as some of the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated industry.

Perspective: EDI Thesis Show 2014

December 2014   The MS-EDI class of 2014 recently presented their final thesis projects.

from Segal Design Institute

Congratulations EDI Class of 2013

December 2013   The MS-EDI class of 2013 recently presented their final thesis projects.

from Segal Design Institute

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