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Studio Culture

Empowering You to Thrive

Studio Culture

EDI Studio
A dedicated studio for EDI students includes whiteboards, tools, a work bench, a kitchenette, lockers, tables, 3D printers, bean bag pillows, and more.

A dynamic and highly-engaged studio culture is central to how EDI students learn and live during the program. What we define as studio culture includes our learning spaces, how our courses are structured, and the relationships fostered during the program. 

Thanks to an intentionally small cohort size, EDI students are able to work closely with faculty members and one another in our living studio spaces. In this intimate studio atmosphere, EDI students learn from each other and offer peer-to-peer support. 

Studio Features


Living Studios

Each student plays a role in defining the culture of their EDI cohort, and the living studio is where it happens. Living studios are dedicated spaces for EDI students to work and gather outside of class throughout the program. A living studio is where the cohort shapes the environment into a home. There, you can expect to make friends, challenge your thinking, work hard, and celebrate together.


Studio Courses

Our studio courses—Product Design, Interaction Design, Service Design and Design Strategy—are based on the engagement model, meaning there is a small amount of lecture paired with a large amount of teamwork and coaching. Each course partners with an external sponsor to frame a project. Pairs of faculty members and design practitioners teach the design and innovation process while students engage with project partners who possess domain expertise.

Learning Studios

EDI studio courses are taught in the Learning Studios throughout the Ford Engineering Design Building. These flexible spaces have been intentionally designed to facilitate project-based team learning with tools for digital and service prototyping, whiteboards and moveable furniture to accommodate gallery walks and design critiques.

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