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Alex Andreiu, EDI '23

Design Research, UI/UX, Healthcare

Alex was drawn to the EDI program for its “Areas of Interest” structure that allow her to not only create a specialized learning environment, but also help her develop into a T-Shaped designer. 

Experience before EDI: BS, Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Design and Interaction and minors in Global Health and Business, University of California, San Diego. Clinical research assistant, The Design Lab; project coordinator, GO FAIR US; and project manager intern, San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Seth Applebaum, EDI '22

Design Research, Entrepreneurship, Product Management

Seth chose to pursue the EDI program because of his desire to be more involved in new product development in order to solve consumers' problems. 

Experience before EDI: BS, Communication & Leadership, Business, Entrepreneurship. The University of Texas at Austin. Quake Capital Partners Junior Venture Associate. co:collective Summer Intern

Autumn Basinger, EDI '23

Product Design, Tech, Entrepreneurship

Autumn fell in love with designing interactive experiences for people while pursuing her BFA in sculpture. She later chose EDI for its focus on human-centered design paired with opportunities for real-world problem solving and the chance to expand her technical skill set. 

Experience before EDI: BFA, Studio Art & Sculpture, University of Central Florida.

Bryanna Benicia, EDI '23

Product Design, Consumer Products, Social Impact

Bryanna chose EDI because of its strong focus on human centered design and innovation. She is excited to build connections with other like minded people at Northwestern University. 

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering , UC Berkeley.

Sydney Bernstein, EDI '22

Service Design, Healthcare, Design Research

Sydney chose EDI because everyone involved is as equally passionate as she is in their particular areas of study. She is excited to be surrounded by these people in order to keep learning and develop her skills as a human-centered designer.

Experience before EDI: BS, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University
Research Intern, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Center for Bionic Medicine
Operations Fellow, GlobeMed Executive Offices

Jesse Brown, EDI '22

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Jesse was drawn to the EDI program because he saw it as a great opportunity for him to strengthen his undergraduate engineering foundation with high level design topics.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University
Segal Design Certificate
Design Team Intern, Segal Design Institute Internship

Megan Bruneau, EDI '23

Product Design, Consumer Products, Experience Design

Megan chose EDI because she wants to strengthen her design skills. She is eager to learn about the iterative design process and how to sketch/prototype her ideas.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Stacey Chen, EDI '23

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Stacey joined the EDI program because she aspires to go beyond the aesthetic level as an industrial designer. She believes that although the world has a surplus of products, it won't stop craving better, more user-friendly inventions — and designers who can make that happen.

Experience before EDI: BID, Industrial Design, Pratt Institute. Junior industrial designer, Hammerhead Navigation; and product design co-op, Hasbro.

Kevin Cheng, EDI '22

Product Design, UI/UX, Tech

Kevin chose the EDI program and its thesis projects because they will allow him to carry out extensive research and development on a topic about which he is passionate.

Experience before EDI: BFA, Product Design and minor in Computer Programming, University of Southern California
Product Designer, LavaLab
Teaching Assistant, USC Viterbi School of Engineering
UI/UX Design Intern, Circle for Roommates

Madison Doucette, EDI '23

Design Research, Product Design, Social Impact

Madison chose EDI to continue developing technical engineering skills while working in a creative space that fosters outside-the-box thinking and solutions. While she loves to be hands-on with prototyping and manufacturing, she looks forward to supplementing her tactile skill set with a deeper understanding of the human-centered design and project management. 

Experience before EDI: BS, Integrated Engineering Studies, Northwestern University.

David (Yuzhou) Du, EDI '23

Product Design, Design Engineering, UI/UX

What drew Yuzhou to EDI is its project-oriented curriculum and the abundance of opportunities for hands-on and teamwork experience. Surrounded by many like-minded, creative people, he wishes to thrive in that environment and become a better designer, who might one day create effective solutions to real-world problems.

Experience before EDI: BS, Systems Engineering and Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Auston Ferrarer, EDI '23

Product Design, Design Engineering, Product Management

Auston was drawn to EDI because he values truly understanding the interactions between customers and products, and then using this knowledge to influence design choices. This is what he hopes to learn more about and explore first hand as a member of the EDI cohort.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering , Georgia Institute of Technology. Mechanical design engineer intern, Plexus Corporation.

Kayli Fradin, EDI '22

Design Research, Product Design, UI/UX

Kayli believes that engineering and design are inseparable. After studying manufacturing and design engineering, in addition to psychology, Kayli knows that understanding the user comes first.

Experience before EDI: BS, Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Northwestern University.
Graphic and UX Design Intern, Spokin.
Design and Operations Intern, creative werks.
Manufacturing Engineer Intern, creative werks. 

Jeremy Fu, EDI '22

Product Design, Design Engineering, Product Management

Jeremy intends to leverage the EDI program to deepen his focus as a design engineer across the mechanical and electrical domains while building expertise in product management and design strategy.

Experience before EDI: BS Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University; BS Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Northwestern University; Hardware Design Intern, Bossanova Robotics; Technology Intern, Maui Greens

Roni Greenberg, EDI '22

Design Research, Healthcare, and Service Design

Roni chose EDI Roni choose EDI to deepen his design research skills while giving him more experiences designing around healthcare & wellness. He is devoted to making an impact by identifying and solving pressing real world issues.

Experience before EDI: BS, Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Northwestern University Design Intern, Segal Design Institute Design, and Marketing Intern, Foresight Mental Health

Chloe Haderlie, EDI '23

Design Research, Product Design, Consulting

Chloe chose the EDI program at Northwestern University because it puts these principles into practice and will allow her to get experience in becoming a leader in problem solving and creating for impact.

Experience before EDI: BS, Marketing Management, Brigham Young University. Social issues writer and editor, Ballard Center for Social Impact; community experience designer, WeWork.

Miranda Harmon, EDI '22

Product Design, Healthcare, Design Engineering

Miranda chose EDI because of its one of a kind focus on the human-centered approach and the iterative process of engineering design. It gives her the chance to immerse herself within the design world and find the exact aspect of device design with which she wants to center herself.

Experience before EDI: BS, Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Paige Hendersen, EDI '22

Design Engineering, Consulting, Sustainability

Paige chose EDI because she wants to expand her skillset in design and build upon her mechanical engineering background. She hopes to gain a “Swiss Army Knife” of design tools to have in her back pocket.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University
Project Engineering, Hasbro
Project Management, The Walt Disney Company
Mechanical Engineering, Beyond Design
Research and Development Engineer, Loop 

David Jelke, EDI '23

Design Research, Service Design, Healthcare

David specifically chose EDI because of its small cohort size, which makes it all the easier to stamp that sense of community into his work. He was also encouraged by the reliable presence of other psychology and medicine-minded students in the program.

Experience before EDI: BA, pre-med, Neuroscience, Dartmouth College. Director of innovation, Ignite Mental Health; reporter, Broadband Breakfast; SEO marketer, Voyij.

Albert (Weiliang) Jin, EDI '23

UI/UX, Product Management, Entrepreneurship

Albert is passionate to find defects (business, product, service) and solving their problems with his different skills. Albert believes that the EDI program provides knowledge and great opportunities for trials that perfect what he loves to do.

Experience before EDI: BS, Creative Technology and Design, University of Colorado at Boulder. Project manager, Visual China Group.

Youhua Lu, EDI '23

Design Research, Product Design, Design Engineering

Youhua chose EDI because she liked the intimate cohort and the collective curriculum. She believed she could connect more closely to her classmates and get a sense of working with people from all walks of life.

Experience before EDI: BS, Engineering Design, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Marisa Magsarili, EDI '22

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Marisa chose EDI because she wants to better understand the interactions between humans and products. EDI also provides the opportunity to improve her technical and creative skillsets while exploring various forms of design.

Experience before EDI: BE, Mechanical Engineering, Dartmouth College
BA, Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College

Clark Mitchell, EDI '23

Product Design, Consumer Products, Social Impact

After seeing how a piece of jewelry that they made affected the wearer, Clark realized how much of designing products couldn't be expressed in engineering alone. From this experience, they wanted to learn more about how people and design interact so they could design not only for function, but truly improve the lives of those that use it as well.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering (Minors in Art and Design, Art History), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Joaquin Moeller-Luzio, EDI '23

Design Engineering, Consumer Products, Entrepreneurship

Joaquin was drawn to EDI because he wanted to focus on something related to mechanical engineering, but he also wanted a program that allowed him to merge the technical side of engineering with the human centered design aspects of product design

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Internships at Argonne National Laboratory. Internship at The Ford Motor Company, Human Factors and Ergonomics Department.

Liying Peng, EDI '22

UI/UX, Product Design, Entrepreneurship

Liying chose EDI because it concentrations on Human-Centered Design. She is excited about the various disciplines offered in this program, which boots her passion for pursuing knowledge from multiple fields.

Experience before EDI: BFA, Visual Communication Design, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Digital Experience Design Intern, The Art Institute of Chicago

Nic Raiser, EDI '22

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Nic believes the opportunity to study multiple aspects of design from some of the best faculty in the world made the EDI program a natural choice for him.

Experience before EDI:  BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado
Engineering/R&D Intern, Specialized Bicycle Components

Justin Reimonenq, EDI '22

Social Impact, Consulting, Entrepreneurship

Justin hails from a business background, and he's interested in building technical skills in the field of design innovation.

Experience before EDI: BBA, Finance (Minor in Collaborative Innovation), Notre Dame. Finance Leadership Program, GE. Recent Startup Founder, Common.

Liam Rolle, EDI '23

Product Management, Healthcare, Consulting

Liam chose EDI because he wants to augment his mechanical engineering background with the design and technical skills needed to steer the development of products and services.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University. Development engineer, Karl Storz Endovision Inc; biomechanical engineering intern, Stryker Mechanical Design; engineering intern, Sensata Technologies; and mechanical engineering intern, Boston Scientific.

Caroline Scheibel, EDI '22

Product Design, UI/UX, Entrepreneurship

Caroline has a strong interest in user-experience research and design, and believes that EDI will help her explore this field in more depth.

Experience before EDI: BS, Interactive Media Studies, Miami University
BS, Psychology, Miami University
Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction for UX Design, MIT

Patricia Song, EDI '22

Design Research, Product Design, UI/UX

Patricia is excited to take a deep dive into all areas of design after discovering multiple aspects during her undergraduate classes at Northwestern.

Experience before EDI: BA, Computer Science, Segal Design Certificate, Northwestern University

Caitlin Spofford, EDI '22

Design Research, Service Design, UI/UX

Caitlin chose EDI because she appreciated the curriculum developed for engineers with an emphasis on solving the right problem and keeping the user at the center of design.

Yiwen Sun, EDI '22

Design Research, UI/UX, Product Management

Yiwen chose EDI because it's a program that teaches students both human centered design and technical skills.

Experience before EDI: BS, Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University

Remy Tabano, EDI '22

Experience Design, Product Design, Strategy

Remy feels EDI will afford her the opportunity to anchor her academic discipline in human-centered design ecology and challenge her to become a better innovator through its interdisciplinary nature and uniquely diverse cohort.

Experience before EDI: BS, Neuroscience, University of Michigan

Annie Thomas, EDI '23

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Annie's personal hobby in graphic design, educational background in mechanical engineering, and newfound interest in human-centered design made EDI the perfect intersection to further hone her skills. 

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Oregon State University. Product Development Intern, TE Connectivity.

Rita (Xuerong) Wang, EDI '23

Experience Design, Interaction Design, Social impact

Rita chose EDI because she believes it could help her weave technology and art tightly together, transfer her ideas to products in hands, and bring positive influences to her surroundings. Under EDI's diverse and human-centered design environment, she is passionate to create more.

Experience before EDI: BS in Architecture in Washington University in St. Louis. Space designer in Network Party Ltd., Shanghai and Attention Historical Building and Culture Research Institute, Nanjing. Catalyst (installation design intern) in teamlab, Tokyo. Architect intern in Kengo Kuma & Associates, and Hiroshinamura & NAP in Tokyo.

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