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Beatriz Alessio

Product Design, Social Impact, Consulting

Throughout her experience as a mechanical and electrical engineer, Bea has found that teamwork leads to the most well-rounded products and that creativity is the key to innovative solutions. 

Experience before EDI: Design Manager, Nautikos (Mexico City)

Harrison Bourikas

Product Design, Design Engineering, Healthcare

Harrison hopes to use his time in EDI to find a better way to understand the needs of his end-users and refine his skills regarding product design.

Experience before EDI: Mechanical Engineer, Hydroid

Summer 2018: Human-Centered Engineering Intern, MITRE

Alyssa Brown

Service Design, Consumer Products, Entrepreneurship

Alyssa joined EDI to empower her to change lives by using whole-brain engineering to design impactful services, products, and experiences. 

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

Colin Brown

Product Design, Design Engineering, Social Impact

Colin chose the EDI program because he was looking for a way to supplement his knowledge of how products are made with the toolset to navigate why they should be made.

Experience before EDI: Test Engineer, IronRidge, Inc.

Summer 2018: Product Design Engineer, Maestro

Joseph Burke

Product Design, Healthcare, Social Impact

Joe is passionate about developing creative solutions to problems, fabricating high-quality prototypes, and uncovering the emotional impact of good design.

Experience before EDI: Program Assistant, SparkShop

Summer 2018: Industrial Design Intern, Blackjack Lighting

Ivan Calvachi

Product Design, Design Engineering, Tech

When Ivan became an intern for Humanscale, he was exposed to products developed through human-centered design and that encouraged him to apply to the EDI program.

Experience before EDI: Product Engineer Intern, Humanscale

Siqi Chen

Product Management, Tech, Consulting

Siqi chose EDI because the program values the integration of engineering and design and that's exactly what she is looking for.

Experience for EDI: BArch, Architecture, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

SueSan Chen

Product Design, UI/UX, Product Management

SueSan is excited to further her skills in human-centered design in EDI with the amazing professors that she has gotten to know during her undergraduate classes.

Experience before EDI: Inflight Entertainment Intern, United Airlines

Summer 2018: Product Development Intern, United Airlines

Christopher Datsikas

Product Management, Tech, Entrepreneurship

Chris believes EDI provides him with the skills to tackle complex problems in a fun, encouraging, and challenging environment.

Experience before EDI: Electrical Engineer, Microsoft Surface

Summer 2018: Program Manager Intern, Microsoft 

Lydia Davison

UI/UX, Product Management

Lydia feels that EDI fully appreciates the power that lies within human-centered design thinking and she wants to discover how this foundation can be implemented within product design.

Experience before EDI: BS, Human Centered Design & Engineering with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction, University of Washington

Summer 2018: Intern, Feeding America

Ernesto Garcia

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Ernesto chose EDI because he wants the human-centered approach to design to be so ingrained in his thinking that it is unconscious and ever-present in his design process. 
Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sara Gnolek

Product Design, Design Engineering, UI/UX

Sara chose EDI because she wanted to learn tools to turn her passion for arts and engineering into a career. 

Experience before EDI: BSBS, Integrated Science Program and Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University

Yifei Gong

Design Research, Product Design, UI/UX

Yifei chose the EDI program because it offers a lot of opportunities for real-world projects and studios.

Experience before EDI: BE, Industrial Design and BA, International Economics and Trade, Beijing University of Technology

Enes Umur Gokcek

Product Design, Design Engineering, Tech

Enes Umur joins the EDI program as a scholar selected by the Turkish Fulbright Commission to study at Northwestern University.

Experience before EDI: Mechanical Design Engineer, Arcelik-Beko 

Summer 2018: Program Design Engineer Intern, Jiobit

Joanne Ting-Yu Hsu

Product Design, Social Impact, Design Research

Joanne chose EDI because she believes it provides a supportive space for wild creativity and deep reflective ability.

Experience before EDI: BS, Physics, University of California, San Diego

David Jacob

Service Design, Healthcare, Social Impact

David decided to join EDI to buttress his technical background with a more creative and user-based approach.

Experience before EDI: Product Design Engineer Intern, Alphalab Gear, Innovation Works Inc.

Summer 2018: Consumer Experience Design Intern, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Haein Kim

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Haein is a very hands-on engineer who is passionate about utilizing interaction in design. 

Experience before EDI: Mechanical Design Engineer, Carson Optical

Jasmine Kim

Design Research, Product Design, Product Management

Jasmine believes that human-centered design is the key to any product and that EDI will prepare her to face the challenges of future innovation.

Experience before EDI: MIT Summer Research Program Intern, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Summer 2018: Design Research & Strategy Intern, AT&T

Joshua Kim

Product Design, Design Engineering, Healthcare

Coming from a DIY and Maker background, Joshua loves to explore ideas, processes, fabrication methods, and technologies related to design.

Experience before EDI: Segal Design Certificate, Northwestern University

Summer 2018: Co-Founder and Project Manager, JetterMed

Neha Kodi

Product Design, UI/UX, Product Management

Neha has always questioned how and why things worked the way they did, which led her to pursue studies in engineering in college.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Abby Lammers

UI/UX, Tech, Entrepreneurship

Abby brings her experience in data visualization and the Internet of Things to create streamlined solutions. She is passionate about making data actionable and accessible through intuitive software design. 

Experience before EDI: BS, Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

Hanna Lauterbach

Design Engineering, Product Management, Social Impact

Hanna chose EDI to learn and work in an environment where projects are measured not just by their technical merit but also by their capacity to empower their users.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Beth Lester

Design Research, Healthcare, Social Impact

Beth picked the EDI program because it seemed to offer the most opportunities out of all the programs she looked into for exploring all of the elements of design, instead of only industrial design or service design.

Experience before EDI: Product Development Intern, Melissa and Doug Toys 

Summer 2018: Healthcare Innovation Intern, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Morgan Lewis

Product Design, UI/UX, Product Management

Morgan chose the EDI program because it brings together both of her passions by preaching engineering from a user-centered design viewpoint.

Experience before EDI: BSBE, Bioengineering, Rice University

Summer 2018: Intern, Procter & Gamble Ventures 

Jiayan Ma

Design Research, Product Design, UI/UX

Jiayan wants to combine her background in mechanical engineering and her interest in library art. She was thrilled when she found the EDI program because it welcomes an interdisciplinary approach. 

Experience before EDI: Package Designer Intern, ASU Technology

Hannah Miller

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Hannah chose EDI for the opportunity to broaden her product development skill set and put human-centered design in practice.

Experience before EDI: Mechanical Engineer, Motorola Mobility

Anna O'Donnell

Design Research, Product Design, Service Design

Anna loves the culture of design at Northwestern, starting with her first Design Thinking and Communication (DTC) class as an undergraduate and continuing with Design for America.

Experience before EDI: Design for America Summer Studio

Summer 2018: Analyst II, Design Science Consulting

Ellen Owens

Product Design, Consumer Products, Healthcare

Ellen believes the EDI program will enhance her ability to look at design problems from new angles, ask the right kind of questions, and better understand the needs of users.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Summer 2018: Design Engineer, PedalCell

Byron Pang

Design Research, UI/UX, Product Management

EDI provides Byron with opportunities to learn and apply design thinking to multiple types of projects and solutions while working in a highly collaborative environment surrounded by inspired individuals with similar goals.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, UCLA 

Summer 2018: Intern, Genospace

Mert Pekdemir

Design Research, Product Design, Design Engineering

Mert is excited to be in the EDI program because he believes it will help him combine aesthetics with engineering and create solutions.

Experience before EDI: Engineering Intern/R&D Technician, VISAYA

Summer 2018: Intern, Beyond Design

Liying Peng

Product Design, Product Management, Healthcare

Liying believes that EDI will help her to integrate her skills in engineering with her passion for design.

Experience before EDI: MEng, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jelani Roberts

Product Design, Tech, Consumer Products

Jelani enjoyed the creativity, engineering rigor, and focus on the human aspects of design that he experienced in his undergraduate design classes at Northwestern and is excited to learn even more during EDI.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Bradley Sedor

Product Design, Service Design, Entrepreneurship

Bradley views the EDI program as the perfect continuation of his mechanical engineering experience to become a more well-rounded problem solver, ready to help advance the human experience through thoughtful design.

Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University  

Shoshi Shapiro

Design Research, Service Design, Social Impact

EDI allows Shoshi to continue studying interdisciplinary design in a place that is focused on real-world contexts.

Experience before EDI: BS, Learning Science, Northwestern University

Summer 2018: Evaluation Researcher, UScientist Interactive Table

Chris Spaulding

Product Design, Service Design, Social Impact

During EDI, Chris hopes to follow his passion for helping others through design and to find innovative ways to create products or services that will directly impact people in need.

Experience for EDI: Project Manager, Briggs & Stratton

Rachel Vrabec

Product Management, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship

Rachel recognizes that human-centered design coupled with new technology has drastically increased access to products and services and believes this trend will only continue.

Experience before EDI: Solution Architect, Civis Analytics


Gar Waterman

Tech, Social Impact, Entrepreneurship

Gar's interest in human-centered design is rooted in his childhood fascination with the mechanisms of ecology and human biology and the deeply connected nature of the two subjects.

Experience before EDI: National Geographic Young Explorer

Summer 2018: Chief Technology Officer, PedalCell

John Welch

Design Research, Product Design, Social Impact

John has always wanted to work in a field that focuses on helping others. He looks for projects that can create societal change, normally focusing on new technology and experiential design.

Experience before EDI: BS, Engineering: Product Design, Stanford University

Christy Zhang

Product Design, Design Engineering, Consumer Products

Christy hopes that EDI will empower her to merge design and engineering to understand and design for a user’s needs.
Experience before EDI: BS, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
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