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Studio Projects

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Design Strategy for iRobot

EDI students developed conceptual ecosystems for the consumer robot company iRobot as part of the course Design Strategy.

Four teams of EDI students developed real-world solutions for the company which has a product line including the Roomba vacuuming robot.

They were asked to develop strategies by considering what iRobot’s aspirations are, where they should play, how to win against competitors, and what management systems are key to build and maintain systems.

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The Future of Freight and Logistics

The Future of Freight and Logistics

During a pilot course, 11 EDI students gained a hands-on experience with Uber Freight's efforts to transform one of the nation’s most critical industries.

EDI students gained experience with Uber Freights's efforts to transform one of the nation's most critical industries.

The class, taught by Jim Wicks, combined coursework from his Management of Product Innovation curriculum with a human-centered design project for Uber's "Uber for Trucking" business unit.

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Feeding America

Taking on Food Insecurity

EDI students designed new ways for Feeding America to get food into the hands of those who need it most.

Feeding America charged students to create new strategies to rescue foods from retail and bring those goods into the Feeding America ecosystem.

Students tested ideas in the marketplace by visiting food banks, retail store, and various public venues to gather firsthand feedback.

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A student presents during class.


An online resource featuring strategies that college campuses can implement to raise awareness of life threatening food allergies.

Spotlight 1Spotlight 2

There's hope for food-allergic students transitioning to college.

A team of EDI students collaborated with food allergy experts to develop a toolkit to help colleges better prepare for and support food-allergic students.

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Tide Spin laundry bag

Tide Spin

An app-based service that outsources laundry to Tide's own dry-cleaning facilities

Tide Spin app dashboard order statusTide Spin app price breakdown

Hate doing laundry? There’s an app for that.

When Procter & Gamble decided to re-imagine laundry, it looked no further than the EDI program to see what its students could design to make laundry a less tedious task.

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NM Check mock-up

NM Check

A comprehensive virtual care system that brings healthcare to patients

NM CheckINNM CheckRN

Get the care you need without leaving your bed.

Four EDI students created a forward-thinking solution after Northwestern Medicine asked them to create a virtual care system that would increase the ability of its Primary Care Physicians to see more patients.

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Envisioning the Future of Care

Envisioning the Future of Care

During Intersect CPG, EDI students learn how to design for users in the real world.

Envision the future of care across life stages from birth to old age.

At the conclusion of the course, each team presented their prototypes and business models to Procter & Gamble employees.

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Marriott Unburdened

Marriott Unburdened

A team of EDI students designed a portfolio of solutions to create value for Marriott and guests throughout the travel journey.

Transform the customer journey with Marriott, with an emphasis on the arrival experience.

Four EDI students utilized the design process, including observations, in-depth interviews, synthesis and analysis, secondary research, and strategic considerations, to meet this challenge.

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