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Camp EDI

Your Journey Starts Here.

Camp EDI

First-year EDI students attend Camp EDI, a pre-term orientation workshop designed to familiarize new students with the people, resources, tools, and activities that will define the EDI Experience while helping them build relationships with EDI faculty members, staff, and peers. 

Typically held during the 2-3 weeks before classes start in September, Camp EDI includes intensive training sessions in select tools of the design trade: 2D visualization and communication, 3D modeling, Solidworks, and mechatronics. 

During Camp EDI, students work on a personal project that allows them to practice and develop those skills. Because the sessions are primarily devoted to instruction, students are expected to work independently to complete their project within the given timeframe. Camp EDI projects are not intended to be products designed for others. Instead, you can think of them as works of art that encourage exploration and experimentation at the start of your EDI journey.

Past Camp EDIs

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