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Greg Holderfield

Executive Director, Segal Design Institute
Co-director, MMM Program
Pentair - D. Eugene and Bonnie L. Nugent Clinical Professor of Design Innovation

Achal Bassamboo

Co-Director, MMM Program
Charles E. Morrison Professor of Decision Sciences
Professor of Operations, Kellogg School of Management

Leah Marcus

Adjunct Lecturer

Andrew Burroughs

Adjunct Lecturer

Michael Chapman

Adjunct Lecturer

Sunil Chopra

IBM Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems, Kellogg School of Management

James Conley

Clinical Professor

Martha Cotton

Adjunct Lecturer

Pam Daniels

Clinical Associate Professor

Mike Edmonds

Adjunct Lecturer

Steve Franconeri

Member, Design Research Council
Director of the Northwestern Cognitive Science Program
Director of the Visual Thinking Laboratory
Professor of Psychology, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Kate Garmey

Adjunct Lecturer

Dan Kraemer

Adjunct Lecturer

Liz Gerber

Co-Chair, Design Research Council
Executive Committee, Design Research Council
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Founder, Design for America

Craig Sampson

Adjunct Lecturer

Amy Schwartz

Adjunct Lecturer

Baiju Shah

Adjunct Lecturer

Jim Wicks

Director, EDI and MPD2 programs
Clinical Professor, Segal Design Institute

Michael Winnick

Adjunct Lecturer

Jelani Woods

Adjunct Lecturer

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