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Benjamin BlockAdjunct Lecturer


Ben Block has been a software engineer for over a decade. He has worked with several startups and large organizations, building custom software to address new business initiatives, enter new markets, and disrupt existing ones.

His clients and projects have included global product companies, trade associations, and government institutions; a last-mile logistics platform, a women-focused digital talent marketplace, and a hospitality and sales management system, among others. Unafraid of tackling complex problems, Ben joined ScaleDown in 2015 as VP of Engineering to help automate a clinically-proven personalized weight management and behavior change program. Enviable growth, profitability, and impressive user outcomes led to a successful acquisition by Anthem Insurance just a few years later. Since then, Ben has continued working with startups, supporting them through early growth and fundraising stages.

Before learning to code, Ben began his career in business development and operations - experience which equips him with unique insight into the perspectives and concerns of non-technical stakeholders. He knows first-hand that engineering decisions can be confusing. So he prides himself on transparency and helping stakeholders prioritize the best implementation for their needs and budget.

Despite a busy schedule, he always finds time to mentor others on their journeys into software development and tech entrepreneurship. He lives in Chicago with his wife and 2 rescue dogs.

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