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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Segal Design Certificate be combined with any major?

Yes, students can combine the Segal Design Certificate with any major of their choice.

Do I need earn a certain grade in a Segal Design Certificate course?

Grades must be “C” or higher for the course to be applied to the Segal Design Certificate.

Can I apply a graduate-level course towards the Segal Design Certificate?

No, graduate courses cannot be used toward the Segal Design Certificate.

Where can I find the intent to pursue form to enroll in the Segal Design Certificate program?

You can download the intent to pursue form here. During their sophomore or junior year, interested students should submit the intent to pursue form indicating their desire to enroll in the Segal Design Certificate program. 

Are there any prerequisites I need to fulfill before enrolling in the Segal Design Certificate program?

Yes. Engineering students must take the Design Thinking & Communication (DTC) course before submitting the form. Students outside of the McCormick School of Engineering can take Design Thinking and Doing to fulfill the prerequisite.

Where can I find the petition to receive form for the Segal Design Certificate?

You can download the petition to receive form here. You must submit a completed petition to receive form at least two weeks before your final quarter at Northwestern.
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