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Jeffrey CohenAdjunct Lecturer


Jeffrey Cohen is a 30-year software engineer and educator in the Chicago area.  As a software engineer and manager, he has experience in the retail, healthcare, and logistics industries.

An entrepreneur, Jeffrey founded Purple Workshops in 2008, a software development and training consultancy here in Chicago.  His latest endeavor is, which provides customized software for NIH-funded researchers in the behavioral sciences at academic institutions.

Jeffrey holds appointments at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, specializing in custom-designed, beginner-focused curricula that help people from non-technical fields gain real competency in software programming and management.  His teaching philosophy emphasizes a student-centric, hands-on experience in a non-intimidating, relaxed atmosphere that encourages questions and inspires "Aha!" moments in every class session.

He is an open-source contributor, speaks at conferences throughout the year, and is active in the software community at large in Chicago.  His favorite cartoon is Calvin & Hobbes and his favorite movie is Apollo 13.

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