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Business Innovation Lab

Put your business and design innovation skills to the test.

Business Innovation Lab

Business Innovation Lab is the culmination of MMM learnings applied in the context of a real-world business problem performed in collaboration with leading global organizations.

Students apply specific knowledge of design innovation together with general knowledge of business to address a problem of real-world importance to the industry partner. Students work in teams of four to six and are mentored by a faculty lead. Project areas vary but many involve the conceptual framing of a new business model, service design, or product ecosystem. The project requires travel to the company site and culminates in a final deliverable and presentation for executives within the industry partner organization.

Outcomes from the class have included:

  • Narrative insights informed by qualitative design research
  • Business Framework Recommendations
  • Service Model Recommendations
  • Business Model Recommendation
  • Portfolio Recommendations
  • Product Integration Recommendations

Collaborating to solve real challenges

Innovation-driven companies collaborate with MMM students each year on Business Innovation Labs through discovering, designing, and delivering valuable business solutions in a real world context.

Projects for Business Innovation Lab can be based on any challenge at the intersection of business, design innovation, and technology including:

  • Operations Innovation
  • Clean Technology Innovation
  • Human-Centered Design Research
  • New Product Development
  • Digital Innovation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Growth Strategy
  • Service Innovation
  • Automotive Innovation

Attn: Companies and Organizations

Sponsor a Business Innovation Lab Project

Organizations interested in sponsoring a project are encouraged to learn more about the Business Innovation Lab and to submit a proposal form.

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