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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an engineering, technical, or design background in order to be accepted in the MMM Program?

No. Prospective students holding a bachelor's or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university are eligible to apply. Prior study in business or engineering is not a requirement for admission, but much of the coursework in the MMM curriculum requires quantitative skills, so students are encouraged to complete introductory courses in calculus and statistics prior to attending.

Do recruiters know about MMM?

There is a growing list of companies who actively recruit MMM students for their strong analytical skills and broad knowledge of both business and technology. As a result, MMM graduates are consistently near the top of the Kellogg class in terms of employment opportunities.

Are the requirements for MMM different than those for the Kellogg MBA?

The admissions process is the same except for one essay which asks about your motivation to pursue the MMM Program. MMM students typically demonstrate a high proficiency in quantitative areas. Acceptance is based on the same criteria as the MBA program.

Can I skip or waive certain courses?

Some courses in MMM are core requirements, such as Research-Design-Build and Designing and Managing Business Processes. These courses are required of all MMM students to ensure that everyone shares a common background. If any of your Kellogg-required courses cover material in which you are already proficient, we encourage you to seek a course waiver. Please note that waiver applications and most waiver exams have to be completed prior to your arrival on campus, or during the summer quarter of your first year. You can find core course waiver information and deadlines on the Kellogg admitted student website, or you can contact FT Academic Advising for more information.

Can MMM students take classes at the McCormick School of Engineering, and will those classes count as Kellogg/MMM Program credit?

Yes. MMM students are full-fledged Northwestern Engineering students and can take engineering classes from any department in the school. While the MMM website offers a list of course requirements for the MMM degree, MMM staff are also happy to help students locate and register for other courses that suit their needs. Depending on the course, it may transfer as a general elective.

Do MMM students take all of their classes together?

During the first quarter in the summer, MMM students take the initial set of core classes together. Prior to the start of the fall quarter, the MMM class is divided among the other eight Kellogg sections for orientation week (CIM week). During this fun but intense week, MMM students meet students in the other sections, allowing them to form relationships outside of the MMM cohort before classes are underway. After the summer quarter, MMM students take additional MBA core classes as well as electives with other MBA students. MMM courses taken at Segal Design Institute are all taken with the MMM cohort.

Am I part of Kellogg as an MMM student?

Completely! All facets of the tremendous Kellogg community, including courses, clubs, conferences, resources, social events, and everything else are entirely accessible to MMM students. Indeed, MMM students get exactly the same MBA degree as all other full-time Kellogg students, but they also get a master’s degree from the McCormick School of Engineering and the benefits of being full-fledged Northwestern Engineering students.

What are the benefits of the McCormick School of Engineering?

Students enrolled in the McCormick School of Engineering have access to:

  • Design innovation and engineering-focused elective courses
  • Opportunities to work with world-class faculty and industry professionals in the Northwestern Design Innovation community
  • Laboratories and equipment that can be used to develop and prototype new products
  • An exclusive MMM Innovation Studio in the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center 
  • Supplemental programming that includes speaker events, workshops, student groups, and design challenges

What is MMM student life like?

Student life is whatever you want it to be. In addition to studying, your free time can be spent with your family or participating in and leading clubs and activities, leading conference activities, and taking part in the countless Kellogg social events held during the week and on the weekends.

Does the MMM Program offer diversity?

MMM students are an integral part of the Northwestern community, which prides itself on diversity. MMM students come together from across the globe with a broad spectrum of talents and experiences.

How do I apply to the MMM Program?

Although MMM students are admitted to both the Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering, they only need to go through a single application process, managed by Kellogg's Office of Admissions. The application process is identical to that of the regular MBA program, except that MMM applicants should check "The MMM Program" box on the Kellogg application form that prompts them to answer an additional essay question.

Can I transfer into the MMM Program after being accepted to Kellogg?

No. Since the MMM Program starts in June, students starting at Kellogg in the fall will not have the option to transfer into the MMM Program.

Can I transfer into the MMM Program after my first year at Kellogg?

No. It is quite difficult for students to enter the MMM Program in the second year because they would have missed the core first year MMM courses. Furthermore, if they have not participated in the many MMM community building activities, they will not be able to fully leverage the strong MMM network. Applicants interested in the MMM Program are strongly encouraged to pursue it right from the start.

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