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Walter Herbst

Director, mpd² program
Charles Deering McCormick Distinguished Clinical Professor
Clinical Professor of Mechanical Engineering

First Year Fall Course "Introduction to Product Design and Development"


Stephen Carr

Co-Director, mpd² program
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

First Year Fall Course "Materials Selection: Managing Choices"


Achal Bassamboo

Co-Director, MMM Program
Charles E. Morrison Professor of Decision Sciences
Professor of Operations, Kellogg School of Management

First Year Spring Course "Global Product Design and Supply Chains"


Beth Bennett

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program
Assistant Professor, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications
Associate Dean (Academic), Journalism; Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications
First Year Fall Course "Effective Communication"


John Boyce

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program
Vice President of Human Resources, Vail Systems
First Year Fall Course "Team Building and Organizational Behavior"


Russell Branaghan

Visiting Professor, mpd² program 
Assistant Professor, Applied Psychology
Director, Human Technology Interaction Laboratory, Arizona State University
Second Year Fall Course "Human Factors"


Leo Brubaker

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program
President, CityBase Inc.
First Year Winter Course "Financial Issues for Product Development"


James Conley

Clinical Professor of Technology, Kellogg School of Management
Professor of Mechanical Engineering (by courtesy)

Adjunct Professor, mpd² program
Second Year Winter Course "Intellectual Capital Strategy"


Deana McDonagh

Adjunct Professor, mpd² program
Professor of Industrial Design, UIC (Urbana-Champaign) 
Faculty, Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology UIUC


Thomas F. Gibbons

Dean School of Continuing Studies
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
First Year Spring Course "Negotiation/Conflict Resolution"


Bob Schwartz

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program
VP Global Design & User Experience, GE Healthcare

Bob Schwartz  teaches "Global Leadership in a Smart and Connected World"

John Hartman

Clinical Assistant Professor, Segal Design Institute

Second Year Fall Course "Understanding White Space"
Second Year Winter Course "Essentials of Industrial Design"


Greg Holderfield

Director, Segal Design Institute
Co-director, MMM Program
Pentair - D. Eugene and Bonnie L. Nugent Clinical Professor of Design Innovation

Adjunct Professor, mpd² program
First Year Winter Course "Understanding through Design"


Candy Lee

Clinical Professor, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications
Medill School of Journalism
Second Year Spring Course "Principals of Marketing"


Anthony P. Orzechowski

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program
Director of R&D Quality Engineering
Abbott Diagnostics
First Year Spring Course "Leading with Data Visualization and Analytics"


Mark Karasek

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program
Mark Karasek teaches "Project Management"

Chris Riesbeck

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Vice President, Acumenical Inc.
Second Year Winter Course "Agile Management of Software Product Design & Development"


Robert Schieffer

Adjunct Professor, mpd² program
Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management
President, Schieffer and Associates
Second Year Fall Course "Customer Insight Tools"


Robin Soffer

Associate Professor of Instruction, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Clinical Assistant Professor of Accounting Information & Management, Kellogg School of Management (by courtesy)

Adjunct Professor, mpd² program
First Year Winter Course "Accounting Issues for Product Development"


Jim Wicks

Director, EDI program
Clinical Associate Professor, Segal Design Institute

Adjunct Professor, mpd² program
Second Year Spring Course "The Management of Product Innovation"


Hugh Ekberg

Adjunct Professor, mpd² program
CEO, CRST Logistics
Second Year Spring Course "Business Model Design"


Randy Golinski

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program

Chris Naunheimer

Adjunct Lecturer, mpd² program

Pam Daniels

Clinical Associate Professor

First Year Boot Camp
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