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Skills & Equipment Introductions

DTC Students

The lab is designed not only to provide a means of creating work but also to give lab users introductions in the safe, efficient, and productive use of lab equipment.

Design Thinking and Communication (DTC) students are required to take equipment introduction before working in the lab.


Non-DTC Students

Beyond the DTC program, equipment introduction is coordinated through the lab professionals on an as-needed basis and based on the lab skill assessment and equipment introduction process.

If you are not a current DTC student, email the lab professionals to schedule equipment introduction or skill assessment. Operations Director Joe Kuechel or Prototyping Specialists Eric Capper, Scott Simpson, or Bob Taglia will get back to you.

Request Lab Introduction

Skill Assessment and Training

All lab users must be evaluated and approved by the lab professionals prior to using any equipment in the lab. The following outline is the roadmap for equipment introduction. This program has been developed to introduce individuals in a sequence of increasing levels equipment theory, process, and practice.

Only after the student achieves proficiency sufficient to work in the lab at a designated level will the student have independent access to the equipment authorized at that skill level.

Example Lab Introduction Outline


1. Lab Safety & Orientation
2. Lab Safety and Orientation (DTC)
3. Intermediate Mill, Lathe
4. Intro to NC Machine Programming
5. Advanced Milling
6. CNC Operation
7. Waterjet/h5>
8. Lab Leadership Training
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