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Design Certificate Student Resources

Any Northwestern undergraduate interested in augmenting his or her education with a strong understanding of innovative design processes can pursue the Segal Design Certificate. To learn more, download this one-page information sheet about the Segal Design Certificate for interested Northwestern students and their advisors.  

Curriculum & Forms

View and download useful forms for Northwestern students regarding intent to pursue, intent to receive, course schedule, and electives as they pursue the Segal Design Certificate.

  • During their junior year, interested students should submit the intent to pursue form to enroll in the Segal Design Certificate program.
  • List of approved electives (under construction)
  • Course Schedule (under construction)
  • At least two weeks before their final quarter at Northwestern, Certificate students must submit a completed petition to receive form.


Advising is completed by appointment. Students within McCormick may contact Stacy Benjamin, director of the Segal Design Certificate. Students outside McCormick may contact John Anderson. The certificate is highly customizable and we advise students on an individual basis. 


Look through the descriptions of Segal's course offerings by quarter.

View Course Listing

Approved Electives

Download a PDF of the approved electives for the Segal Design Certificate.

Design Certificate Faculty

Browse through the profiles of faculty who teach in the Design Certificate program at Segal.

Design Certificate Faculty

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