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Prototyping & Fabrication Lab Resources

The role of the Segal Prototyping and Fabrication Lab is to provide an opportunity through design to move from theory to practice in a safe and supportive learning environment. It is located in the basement and sub-basement of the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center and is available for student use.

Lab Hours

Ford Shop Work Pods

The Ford Shop has seven Work Pods which can be reserved for project work. The Work Pods are work benches that are configured to allow social distancing of six feet and allow ample space to work on projects.  A maximum of four users can be at a work pod. Shop users will have had to sign the Shop Waiver and have had the Shop Safety Orientation to use the pods.

Pod reservation request can be made for a maximum of two hours during normal shop hours. The reservation requests need to be emailed to and need to include:

Additional Information

For additional information regarding equipment, using the lab, and shop introductions, please visit the Prototyping & Fabrication Lab page.

Contact Us

Segal Prototyping and Fabrication Lab
Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center SB-200
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