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Co-labs Program

Are you a student looking to meet professionals doing things you are interested in doing? The co-labs Program was created to help you connect with Segal’s talented alumni.

What is Co-labs?

Co-labs is a community of alumni and students from Segal programs. It is intended to help you connect with Segal alumni as you start to think about professional directions and build a network in the design community.

Alumni opt into sharing their information with students, and allow you to sign up to meet with them in the format of an informal chat.


What our students have to say

“I have been searching for mentorship for some time now.... The coffee chats were just what I needed!”

“This program really seems like it could be the start of something super valuable and success for Segal students...regardless of world circumstances.”

Get Started

Student Registration

  • The time commitment is up to you. Whether you want to do one chat, or multiple, consider this an opportunity to learn about a design professional's career journey.
  • Approach these conversations with curiosity! Your objective should be to learn and explore.
  • If you do sign up, please be responsive, thorough, and thoughtful with your communications.

Are you a Segal alum looking to get involved?

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