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Gar WatermanTech, Social Impact, Entrepreneurship


Gar has always been fascinated by the human elements that make a design truly impactful. He keeps his eyes and mind open to the wealth of experiences around him, looking for opportunities to innovate. He seeks to bring his largely technical background to bear on topics in global health. Gar firmly believes in exposing oneself to a breadth of topics while simultaneously developing an expertise in order to be an effective team member.


Gar's primary focus is his company, PedalCell, and developing a strong technical position for it through human-centered design and engineering.

Why EDI?

Gar's interest in human-centered design is rooted in his childhood fascination with the mechanisms of ecology and human biology and the deeply connected nature of the two subjects. As this interest metamorphosed to include the structured expression allowed through biomedical engineering, Gar recognized the need to more critically understand the human aspects of his designs so that he could achieve the impact he wanted through his work. To this end, Gar authored and won a grant from the National Geographic Society to apply his technical background in a manner conscious of human and environmental elements in a global context. He traveled to Mongolia to put his work to the test and by the time the plane took off to bring him back home, Gar's passion for human-centered design had firmly been lit.


BS, Biomedical Engineering, Bucknell University


National Geographic Young Explorer, National Geographic Society

Summer 2018

Chief Technology Officer, PedalCell


When he isn't in the studio working to innovate global health, you can find Gar on the climbing wall, swapping stories at a local brewery, or cooking for a group of friends at home.

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