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Hanna LauterbachDesign Engineering, Product Management, Social Impact


Hanna has always been a builder and a maker. Growing up, she built boats and tree houses with her friends. In college, she pursued a degree in mechanical engineering. Now, having recently returned from volunteer teaching in Namibia, she looks forward to integrating her technical knowledge and her experience working with diverse groups of people to solve problems from a human-centered perspective.

Why EDI?

Hanna hopes EDI will help her translate the human-centered community development principles she learned in Namibia into a product development setting. While living and working in a remote village, she saw firsthand how small cultural differences can lead to big misunderstandings, and she gained an appreciation for the responsibility of designers and engineers to fully know and understand their users. She chose EDI to learn and work in an environment where projects are measured not just by their technical merit but also by their capacity to empower their users.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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