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Roni GreenbergDesign Research, Healthcare, and Service Design


Roni is a human-centered designer interested in working at the intersection between service design, healthcare, and product design. His work is guided by a strong sense of civic duty and empathy, derived from personal experiences with pain as well as anxieties about climate and consumerism. Roni has a love for animals and the outdoors and is always looking for ways to incorporate these passions into creating a design which positively impacts our environment or resources, or is able to instigate concrete change in the lives of many under-served communities. Roni is devoted to making an impact by identifying and solving pressing real world issues.

Why EDI?

Roni had the privilege of being exposed to the Segal Design Institute in a plethora of ways throughout his undergraduate NU experience as a Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE) student, and Segal intern. In this internship, after his junior year, Roni worked directly with healthcare providers to analyze the feasibility of implementing hospital wide policy changes. He learned the importance of fresh, impartial eyes in the problem-solving process and realized that one does not need to be a MD to work in the healthcare industry. This led to his decision to pursue designing for healthcare, and quickly his interest in EDI grew. EDI will provide Roni with the necessary tools to utilize the human-centered design skills initally developed in MaDE, in a specific industry.


BS, Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Northwestern University


Design Intern, Segal Design Institute Design
Marketing Intern, Foresight Mental Health


Roni started swimming religiously at the onset of the Covid19 pandemic and found it to be a great form a physical therapy, as well as a reason to leave the house. At home, Roni has 1 dog, 14 chickens, and 21 fish-- and counting!

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