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Jeremy FuProduct Design, Design Engineering, Product Management


Jeremy thrives in environments where design is found through creative exploration. He enjoys the process of experimentation and concept development, where projects are based on capturing an idea or feeling. Project-based engineering design has allowed him to work hands-on, iterating and prototyping, enabling learning and to learn from doing. Expressing his creativity through both engineering and artistic mediums has broadened Jeremy's conception of design.

Why EDI?

 Jeremy intends to leverage the EDI program to deepen his focus as a design engineer across the mechanical and electrical domains while building expertise in product management and design strategy. He is excited to gain fluency across human-centered design, and be challenged to think about design as both a physical product, but also and as a service or interaction.


BS Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University; BS Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Northwestern University


Hardware Design Intern, Bossanova Robotics; Technology Intern, Maui Greens

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