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Introducing Non-Engineers to Design

Design thinking is not only growing in popularity in the professional world, but it’s also spreading its way across campus here at Northwestern. And one of Segal’s newest courses is the proof. In its second successful quarter, Design Thinking and Doing (DTD) introduces non-engineering students to the design process. In fact, DTD is the first-ever McCormick class offered solely to non-McCormick students.

In DTD’s first four weeks, students learn key methods of design thinking, such as user observation, interviewing, prototype design, collecting feedback and iteration. In the remaining six weeks, students work in teams to develop a project that improves some aspect of the Northwestern community.

Students pitch their own projects, which are then voted on by their classmates and narrowed down to four topics. Teams then spend weeks researching, interviewing users, building prototypes and evaluating feedback from users and stakeholders.

Recently, McCormick published an article highlinging the class. Read more about the projects and the class here

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