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DSGN 460: Appropriability by Design

Quarter Offered

Summer : Mondays and Thursdays, 8:30-11:30am ; James Conley


This course can only accommodate MMM students.


This course explores product design and innovation management challenges across a breadth of market contexts. How the firm will appropriate value from its innovation efforts is a central question.  Industries studied include consumer durables (Dyson®), apples (Pink Lady®, HoneyCrisp), Pharmaceuticals (Nexium®, Lyrica®), Consumer electronics (tools), education (Slumberkinz®) and others. Appropriability regimes such as the intellectual properties are introduced to investigate opportunities in  strategy, marketing, finance, product design and other implications for owners.  Through case studies, lecture, guest speakers and final projects students investigate and discover how innovators own and leverage what they build.

Learn more about the instructor, James Conley.

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