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DSGN 450: Differentiation by Design

Quarter Offered

Winter : Fridays 9:00am-12:00pm ; Daniel Brown


Open to non-majors with priority given to MS EDI students. Permission from MS EDI department.


This course introduces students to a systematic “Differentiation by Design” strategy for enhancing the “customer-getting” experience, within the New Product Development process (NPD). The course focuses on elements of the traditional NPD progression that serve to differentiate a new offering from its competition. The design process of seeking opportunities beyond form and function is emphasized and opportunities to innovate in the supply chain, business model and distribution channel are explored. Students become aware of the many opportunities for differentiation available and discover methods and means of employing them.
There is a strategic focus on how the business utilizes the design process to create a competitive advantage. The course utilizes lectures, case studies, and a software-based system to inform and teach students the accounting and financial aspects of a business. In addition to the product development integration with the design of the business, there is an emphasis on intellectual property created to preserve the designed advantages for the inventor and the organization.

Successful completion of the course should enhance students' ability to add real innovative value as team members in the NPD “concept through commercialization” customer/product experience, strategically bridging the design and business development gap in organizations. Lectures are supported by case studies, readings, relevant outside experts, and real-world examples of the Differentiation by Design process, strategy, and methodology.

Learn more about the instructor, Daniel Brown.

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