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Explore the entire ecosystem of a business.

Like business, the MMM Program has evolved over time. Throughout its 25-year legacy, our program has continuously updated curriculum and diversified our field work and student population to reflect the cutting edge of design process, business, technology, and education.

Format and Highlights

The MMM Program's enhanced design innovation and technology curriculum comprises 28.5 credits of required coursework over seven quarters. Students start in June, join their Two-Year MBA counterparts in the fall, and graduate alongside them two years later. Summer internships occur at the end of the first year.

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This immersive full-time program gives students a rigorous business education integrated with a strong foundation in design innovation. Our curriculum comprises lectures, experiential courses, and studio-based classes that take place in both the day and evening.

Key facts:

  • Students start as a cohort in June and graduate in June two years later
  • Students complete a minimum of 28.5 credits during seven quarters of study
  • Students participate in a summer internship at the end of the first year

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Curriculum Highlights

In addition to a rigorous classroom education spanning business, design innovation and technology, the program also offers a robust variety of co-curricular, hands-on learning opportunities and field work including:

  • A capstone Business Innovation Lab working with a major corporation
  • An exclusive MMM studio and prototyping space with access to workshops, individual trainings, and technical support
  • MMM-specific business and design competitions
  • Exclusive workshops and seminars with innovation business leaders
  • Opportunities to visit and work in professional design facilities, both domestic and overseas
  • Access, mentorship and support from both professors and administrators from Kellogg, Segal and McCormick

Students learn how to identify, research, and solve problems throughout the entire ecosystem of a business including product development, operations management, product management and growth strategy. MMM students graduate ready to design and manage end-to-end solutions as well as work with designers, engineers, and senior strategists in order to drive impact in business and society.

Course Timeline: Year One

Summer (4.5 Credits)

Fall (4 or 5 Credits)

Winter (4 or 5 Credits)

Spring (4 or 5 Credits)

Course Timeline: Year Two

Fall (3.5 Credits)

Winter (4 Credits)

Spring (4 Credits)

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