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DSGN 425: Digital Design and Development

Quarter Offered

Fall : 1st 5 weeks, 1st year MMM Section: Thursdays 1:30-4:30pm; ITW Classroom ; Benjamin Block and Jeffrey Cohen


This course can only accommodate MMM students.


In this course, we will explore how managers, designers and engineers work collectively to build a software product.  We’ll take a practical approach, playing the role of product manager in developing a fictional software application.  We’ll first learn how (and why) to design a database representing real-world entities.  We’ll then create additional planning documents frequently used by technical teams, covering both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) concepts.  Finally, using “low-code” tools, we’ll build a working prototype / MVP, and gain insight into how engineers translate design documents into a functional product.  We’ll see some limitations of this approach and then discuss steps to overcome those limitations.  And throughout, we’ll incorporate common processes and tools used in the industry.

Key Learning Takeaways

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