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DSGN 465: Master Series: Growth Innovation

Quarter Offered

Spring : 1st 5 weeks of the quarter (Lab: Thursdays 6:30pm-9:30pm) ; Baiju Shah


This course can only accommodate MMM students.


Today, customer relevance & growth is under duress like never before.  Innovation has never been more important. The question every company is asking is not “if,” but “how” and “where” should WE innovate?  This course will explore real-world innovation feasibility – understanding your innovation context and your right to innovate.   The course will use real world examples, guest speakers, actual tools/frameworks, to explore a variety of modern topics including: 

Whether you are hoping to disrupt from within, consult companies on their path to innovation, or be a part of an emerging disruptive company, we will introduce case studies & tools to help you think critically about innovation and the considerations and impacts that come with it.

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