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DSGN 490: Research - Design - Build

Quarter Offered

Winter : Section 1 meets Monday 6:30-9:30pm; Section 2 meets Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm, Ford Design Studio, 1.230 ; Greg Holderfield and Martha Cotton


This is a dynamic hands-on studio class, structured as a "workshop" practicum, and as such will focus on design research and design thinking methods with a strong focus on innovation built on in-context user needs. The first 5 weeks are intended to rapidly introduce key methods and apply them in a series of design sprints. In the remaining 5 weeks student teams will work on a more robust challenge for a “client,” where they will continue to hone their design innovation skills and connect them to not only the user, but also the business. All assignments and deliverables for students will be in the context of their project(s).

The class will be offered via 2 sections in a smaller more intimate studio setting, allowing for hands-on coaching and feedback.

Key Learning Takeaways

Key Tactical Tools

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