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Project Partners

Project Partners

Project partners work with Segal students to address complex human problems using human-centered design. Our partners range from individuals with personal challenges to Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits helping diverse communities. These partnerships serve as a platform for exchanging ideas, building relationships, and collectively creating a better future for everyone.

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“Every time we have worked with Northwestern students, we have been very happy with the creativity shown. Every time they give us a nugget of something we haven’t thought about that we ultimately put into practice.”
- Mike McLaughlin, cofounder of the Trees That Feed Foundation

Why Become a Project Partner

Inspire Today’s Learners

Engage with students and support the mission of educating and growing tomorrow’s leaders.

Gain Fresh Perspectives

Segal students approach problems with a young, energetic mindset, contributing novel observations, insights, and ideas. They are both the innovators and the consumers of tomorrow.

Grow Your Network

Through this partnership, Segal students are introduced to your organization, positioning you to hire bright innovators already familiar with your needs.

Benefit from Innovative Methods

Segal students learn cutting-edge skills for design innovation and are eager to apply these to new challenges.

Develop New Products, Services, and Strategies

Projects at Segal have the potential to meaningfully impact lives. Designs often translate into practical business strategies and new offerings in the market.


Want to learn more?

Partner with undergraduate students in the Design Thinking & Communications (DTC) class to help make people’s lives better.

Email Bayleigh SmithLearn about DTC partnerships

Want to Work with Master’s Students?

Segal master's students collaborate with companies and nonprofit organizations on innovation projects that demand advanced problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. To learn more about partnering with master’s students, contact Susan Goren.

Want to Explore other Project Partnerships?

We work on many types of project partnerships and are open to discussing a partnership that fits your needs. To learn more, contact Bayleigh Smith.

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