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Co-labs Program

Would you like to help the next generation of Segal students? The co-labs program is a community that connects alumni and students from Segal programs. It was created to help our students navigate professional directions and build a network in the design community.

The co-labs program is available to students year-round in the form of informal chats.

Get started


Once you’ve expressed interest in participating, our Segal faculty and staff will:

  1. Match students with your availability.
  2. Coach the students on how to approach the experience to ensure they, and you, get as much value from the co-labs chats as possible.
  3. Pause your participation if you decide you are too busy. We understand that life gets complicated sometimes!

What our students have to say

“I can’t thank you enough for sharing all of these great career development opportunities!”

“I have been searching for mentorship for some time now.... The coffee chats were just what I needed!”

“This program really seems like it could be the start of something super valuable and success for Segal students...regardless of world circumstances.”

What our alumni have to say

“I’m glad I got the chance to participate and get to know students. It made me feel more connected to NU.”
“It was very easy for me to sign up to make myself available as an alum/potential mentor. It was also nice that I could make myself available at a level I was comfortable with.”

 Other ways to support our students

  • Internships (paid or unpaid)
  • Job / career shadowing
  • Short-term projects
  • Mentorship
  • Portfolio reviews / job positioning
  • Company / professional journey presentations
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