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Research Overview

Discovering What's Next

Research is a fundamental component of the Segal Design Institute's overall mission. Segal's research program advances our knowledge of design innovation and human-centered design as it:

  • Brings together researchers, faculty, and students with diverse interests and backgrounds
  • Provides resources from multiple schools at Northwestern University
  • Drives towards greater understanding of specific concepts and topics in design

Cross-Disciplinary Design Research

Segal’s collaborative research program brings together leading faculty and PhD candidates from different schools and disciplines to advance design research.

Some of Segal’s current cross-disciplinary research topics are crowdsourcing, social networking, surface haptics, design pedagogy, and consumer preference modeling.

PhD Research Projects

At the center of Segal’s research program is the PhD Design Cluster. This multi-school cluster brings together dynamic faculty from the Design Research Faculty Council and PhD students from a variety of disciplines.

Projects & Resources

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