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Zoë MiddletonAffiliate


Zoë Middleton is an Industrial Designer with 19 years of experience in the consumer goods industry. My product portfolio ranges from watch design, laptop cases, iPad/tablet accessories, and various office supply-related products. My background expands across brands such as HP, Dell, Office Depot, Sketchers, Girl Scouts of USA, and others through retail, B2B, B2C, and eCommerce channels. With my fine arts and design education and a passion for form and function, I grew up appreciating the simplicity of shapes and subtle details.  I am a true believer in having fun in life while continuing to learn and challenge yourself in new ways. Having the opportunity to develop products that impact the everyday lives of consumers is meaningful to me. I feel good when I produce a product that is simple, clean, and impactful. After 18 years with a primary focus on design, I have recently pivoted from designing to Product Management in a highly regulated industry, which I plan to use in future career endeavors.


Bachelor of Industrial Design, Concentration in Product, Furniture, and Transportation Design, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

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