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Kelly ConeyAdjunct Lecturer


Kelly has been working in the field of strategic research for almost a decade. She uses her background in social sciences and design research to help clients articulate complex problems and think about strategic goals through a research-oriented lens. Kelly has led teams through a variety of projects, both small and large, for clients in the tech, finance, and CPG industries. She helps companies keep users and customers at the heart of their products through a strong advocacy for human-centered design. Her background ranges from agency work and consulting to in-house work at a SaaS company. The throughline for her work is a desire to use curiosity and compassion to fuel innovation.

Kelly's favorite projects to work on are those that explore and illustrate the complexities of the human experience whether that is something as mundane as what it's like to choose an insurance provider or as esoteric as how different people maintain emotional, physical, and mental wellness while at work.


Master of Arts in Social Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Arts, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

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