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Another Successful Design Expo Under Segal's Belt

Segal lecturer Pam Daniels and WCAS Writing Program lecturer Lisa Del Torto pose with their DTC section who designed mobile umbrella attachments for wheelchairs.

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Segal celebrated its biannual Design Expo Friday and Saturday at Northwestern's new incubator space, The Garage.

Students presented projects and portfolios Friday evening to peers, members of the Segal community and industry professionals. Designs ranged from a life-sized Ironman costume to an interactive twist on Tetris played with your feet as opposed to your hands.

Saturday comprised the DTC Project Fair where 60 student teams from our freshman course, Design Thinking and Communication (DTC), showcased their protoypes designed for real users with disabilities. The fair culminated in an awards ceremony for best design and best communication.

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Segal Design Certificate student Joshua Kim shows off his Ironman costume he designed.

Segal students Parth Bhatt, Claire McClosky and Yilin Wang present a whimsical box designed to convey the emotion of magic.

EDI student James Wilde presents his design to open wine bottles to Segal's Ed Colgate and Michael Peshkin.

EDI student Phoebe Evans and EDI Director Ed Colgate try out an interactive lantern game designed by Segal students Torey Kocsik, Madeleine Klichowski and Jaehyuk Rhee.

Northwestern's new incubator space, The Garage, where Design Expo was held this year.

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