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Northwestern University

Segal Student Named NU Outstanding Senior

Northwestern’s reputation is nothing short of greatness. Our students have gone on to become CEOS, diplomats, national correspondents. They have researched, invented, entertained. They have won Nobel Prizes, founded Fortune 500 companies and captivated the nation with their charisma. Likewise, it’s no understatement to say that we have sincerely outstanding students.

This year Northwestern Magazine recognized 19 outstanding seniors categorizing them in five leadership roles: “The Innovators,” “The Greens,” “The Creatives,” “The Fast Talkers,” and “The Do-Gooders.”

Segal is proud to say that one of our very own made guessed it, “The Innovators” list! Labeled as “The Pathfinder,” psychology major Jenn Murphy earned her Segal Design Certificate during her time as an undergrad. Also dubbed the “eternal volunteer,” Jenn served as a Wildcat Welcome peer advisor and was executive co-chair of NU’s Special Olympics chapter.

Jenn will start a two-year masters program at Feinberg's Prosthetics-Orthotics Center this summer. Segal is thrilled to congratulate Jenn on all of her accomplishments and we cannot wait to see all of the amazing things she does moving forward!

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