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DSGN 495-1: Design Sprints

Quarter Offered

None ; Jim Wicks and Amy O'Keefe


This course can only accommodate EDI students.


This year’s Spring Sprint combines coursework from Management of Product Innovation and a sprint project working with one of the most transformative businesses of our time. Attendance at the first lecture will be required in-person.  Conflicts due to previously scheduled travel will be considered; though remote participation will be expected.
Course Meetings 
During the first five weeks of spring quarter, you will be required to join 5 lectures outside of regularly scheduled studio time.


During weeks 1-3, we will hold discussion sessions around topics covered in the lecture as well as explore relevance to our sponsored sprint project.  Weeks 3-10 studio meetings will focus on project work.
Management of Product Innovation
This course will discuss and examine the state of product innovation in industry today from hardware, software and services to consumer packaged goods, and sportswear. We will leverage contemporary cases and engage with leaders in industry in order to understand the specific challenges, opportunities, tools, process and practices that have proven to be both successful and unsuccessful in their business. Each class session will feature a guest speaker who occupies a senior leadership position within a business that range from start up to larger scale technology companies such as Google or Amazon.
We will follow a format which involves a weekly reading in advance of course meeting that is germane to the featured speaker industry and/or subject matter. The class will kick off with the speaker for 40 minutes and a short Q&A. We will then discuss as a group insights and questions garnered from the guest speaker which will then be followed by a short group exercise applying the content to either your own situation or another industry situation. This content will be shared out and discussed in a variety of formats. The final portion of class time will focus on presentation of specific tools and methods used within a standard innovation management framework.
Sprint Project
The client sponsored spring project will focus in the areas of design research and UX design (Service and/or UI). Students will work in teams of 2 or 3 each focused on specific constraints of a broader problem space. The Sprints themselves will commence in week 3 in earnest and finish in the final week of the quarter. There will be field research, collaborations, and meetings with our clients off-campus, requiring multiple visits within the city and, possibly, a trip out of state.

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