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DSGN 430: Product Management

Quarter Offered

Spring : Friday, 12:30 - 3:30pm ; Birju Shah


This course can only accommodate EDI students.


Two defining characteristics of the technology industry are its dynamic nature and the inter-connectednature of technology products and services. This results in a continuous need for new products—andfor managing all of the aspects of discovering, designing, developing, supporting, and making moneyfrom these products. In technology companies, the Product Management organization is responsiblefor the “inbound” product development activities as well as “outbound” product marketing activities:discovering customer needs, defining product requirements, orchestrating the development of productsand solutions to address these needs, taking new products to market, and managing products over theirlife cycle.
This course equips students with the frameworks, tools, and direct experience to become effectiveproduct managers. The course focuses equally on product management in technology startup firms andproduct management in large technology firms. Students will gain hands-on experience via taking theirown pitch through the class within teams of 5.
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