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DSGN 395 495: Designing with AI

Quarter Offered

Fall : Graduate Students only; Wednesday 2-5pm, Ford Hive 2.350 ; Liz Gerber
Winter : Undergraduate Students only ; Liz Gerber


From crafting project descriptions and writing code to chats creating drawings, generative artificial intelligence tools have prompted a wave of experimentation. These tools raise questions — some new, some ages old — about how these tools can change the way we design.

This class will explore how to use generative AI to make design more accessible, equitable, and inclusive and develop responsible AI practices. Students will conduct research on early use cases of generative AI in design to understand how the technology is being used in practice, how the tools are being used responsibly, and how designers are adapting with a particular focus on how the technologies are changing the skills and training required to be a designer. Students will also develop training resources for designers to harness the potential of generative AI and to understand its potential to integrate AI tools into their practice

This interdisciplinary studio is targeted towards students across domains with the additional benefit of broadening their intellectual and social networks across campus.

To obtain a permission number, share a bit about yourself and your interest in the AI in Design course via this survey link. Spots are limited and permission numbers will be granted by the instructor.

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