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DSGN 395: Design Objects / Furniture Design

Quarter Offered

Winter : Friday's 2 – 5 p.m., Ford Design Studio 3 ; Hemant Jha
Spring : Friday's 2 – 5 p.m., Ford Design Studio 3 ; Hemant Jha


A hands-on experience in the world of furniture creation. In this class, each student will design and make
their own piece of furniture. A successful outcome from this class is a piece of furniture that works well,
looks good, and encapsulates the design approach and thought process of the designer / maker.
This course covers essential elements of furniture design, including ergonomics and design principles,
materials and techniques. Explore the history of furniture design and gain insights into the business aspects
of the field. Learn about sustainability and ethical considerations in design and the importance of
responsible selection and sourcing of materials.

Course is by permission only. There are no specific prerequisites, other than prior workshop or ‘making’ experience. This course will be most useful to students who like to make things and bring ideas to life in the real world. This course is open to all students from across Northwestern University. Interested? Send a note to explaining a bit about you and what intrigues you about the class.
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