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DSGN 395: Designing Your Life

Quarter Offered

Fall : Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30-10:50am in Ford G.201/205 ; Bruce Ankenman and Kelly Costello
Winter : Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30-10:50am in Ford G.201/205 ; Pam Daniels and Matthew Cummins
Spring : Tuesday & Thursday from 11am-12:20pm in Ford G.201/G.205 ; Bruce Ankenman and Pam Daniels




What if you approached your life as a series of design projects? What if there were a class to help you explore the bigger issues of finding your way to a career you’ll love, and space to work on crafting a total life that feels “like you”? Modeled on Stanford’s wildly popular class by the same name, this course includes seminar-style discussions, role-playing, short writing assignments, hands-on making, guest speakers, and individual mentoring and coaching. Small group discussions will be held during a separate lab time of each team’s choosing.

Registration Requirements

Open to all juniors and seniors of any major; no prerequisites.  To join the class, send a statement of interest to Professor Bruce Ankenman at  Enrollment is limited and we will strive to create a robust class across a range of majors and backgrounds. Share a quick description of yourself—what classes you have most enjoyed and why, your major, any prior design experience (which is not required), maybe a few hopes & fears about your future, and anything else you'd like to tell us. Feel free to sketch or write or capture a video—whatever helps you best express these things most easily and authentically.

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