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DSGN 381: Digital Product Development (2 units)

Quarter Offered

Spring : Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-6pm, The Hive, Ford 2.350 ; Bridget McMullan and Stacey Wolcott


DSGN 106-1,2 or DSGN 208. Some self guided pre-work may be required prior to first class meeting. Enrollment by Instructor consent.


This 2-unit course is an intensive capstone offered in the Spring Quarter as an alternative to a 2-quarter sequence capstone. Recommended for those interested in digital product development and design.

In this digital product development course, students will experience the full end-to-end product development lifecycle through ideation, build, and continuous improvement. Students will have an opportunity to explore and apply design thinking and agile/scrum methodologies to a client sponsored project, similar to being hired as a new digital product manager or designer. This may include writing user stories, creating a lean business case, facilitating a design sprint, conducting technical feasibility assessments with developers, and storytelling to convey the product vision to the client. Coursework will be workshop-based with a majority of team assignments supported by specific individual responsibilities.

To obtain a permission number, share a bit about yourself and your interest in digital product development via this link to a survey. Spots are limited and permission numbers will be granted by the instructors.

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