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DSGN 370: Engineering Portfolio Development and Presentation

Quarter Offered

Fall : Monday and Wednesday, 4:30-5:50pm, The Hive Annex, Ford 2.340 ; Andrew Skwish
Winter : Monday and Wednesday, 5:00-6:20pm, Hive Annex, Ford ; Andrew Skwish
Spring : Monday and Wednesday, 5:00-6:20pm, Ford Design Studio, Ford 1.230 ; Andrew Skwish And John Hartman


Junior or Senior standing or Instructor consent


In this capstone course, required for students pursuing a design certificate, you will create a portfolio that showcases your engineering work and furthers a personal career goal, such as obtaining a job or getting into a graduate program.

The portfolio itself is a design project that presents your story in a physical form. As you develop prototypes and obtain feedback on your portfolio design, you will gain insight into engineering as a profession and yourself as an engineer.

Learn more about the instructor, Andrew Skwish.

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