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DSGN 348: Advanced Topics: Rapid Prototyping (1/2 unit)

Quarter Offered

Fall : Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm. Second five weeks; Ford SB310 ; Michael Beltran
Spring : Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm, 5wk1; Ford SB310 ; Michael Beltran


DSGN 106-1,2 or DSGN 208 AND DSGN 240, or ME 240, or DSGN 245, or Instructor consent


DSGN 348 will cover the field of additive manufacturing methods, and will provide students with an extrusion-based 3D printer to operate at home during Fall 2020 remote learning periods. Students will review the fundamentals and theory behind additive manufacturing, different methods and materials used, applications of rapid prototyping technology, advanced CAD modeling, and reverse engineering methods.

Each student enrolled will be provided with a 3D printer and printing material to use at home, with coursework exploring the setup, troubleshooting, and optimization of extrusion-based printing. Remote lectures will cover equipment and methods available in the Northwestern Rapid Prototyping lab, which will be theory-only. Build projects in the course will include various optimization and test-parts to explore the limitations of the printer, and the design and building of a functional household product. The final course project will be a user-centered design project, requiring students to print a high-tolerance product to be evaluated with multiple stages of user feedback.

Students will be required to agree to and sign an at-home equipment use safety agreement, in order to enroll and receive credit for the course.

DSGN 348 topics are independent of any other course.

Learn more about the instructor, Michael Beltran.

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