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DSGN 346: Manufacturing Methods for Product Design

Quarter Offered

None : MFW 11:30am-1pm, The Hive, Ford 2.350 ; Michael Beltran


DSGN 106-1 and 106-2 and ME 240, or instructor approval


Manufacturing Methods for Product Design is an introduction to manufacturing processes including casting, injection molding, additive manufacturing, extrusion, machining, joining, and forming, using materials commonly found in modern consumer and industrial products. Lectures will be paired with weekly, hands-on labs where students will be able to apply theory of manufacturing processes to the design of parts and process tooling for various fabrication methods. Focus will be placed on the exploration of part design and process parameters, to obtain an optimal outcome for a given manufacturing process. Students will become proficient in both the advantages and limitations of various fabrication methods, in order to better prepare them for the design of a component and implementation into a production line. 

Students will fabricate multiple small products during the course, using lab sessions to create components by different manufacturing methods. Weekly homework will involve studies of various manufacturing methods, optimization and/or choice of fabrication method for a given part, and practice & preparation for in-lab manufacturing.

DSGN 346 is taken by MaDE undergraduate students. MaDE students may petition for this course to count in place of the of the ME 340-1 degree requirement. 

Learn more about the instructor, Michael Beltran.

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