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DSGN 345: Computer-Aided Manufacturing (1/2 unit)

Quarter Offered

Fall : Tuesday, 6:30-9:30pm. 5w1; Tech MG47 ; Michael Beltran
Spring : Tuesday, 6-9pm. 5w2; Tech MG47 ; Michael Beltran


DSGN 106-1, 2 or DSGN 208 AND DSGN 240, ME240 or DSGN 245, or Instructor consent


Computer Aided Manufacturing will provide students with a small CNC milling machine (router) to use at home during Fall 2020 remote learning periods, and will instruct on the use of the NX manufacturing programming environment, as well as open-source 2.5D CAM programs used with the at-home milling machine. Overall, the curriculum will learn the basics of CAM programming, various manufacturing steps such as operations, tools, and geometry, and the generation of g-code to machine a part, and the use of various equipment and safety procedures in CNC milling operations.
Each student enrolled will be provided with a small CNC milling center to be operated at home, using materials and tools provided to them. New curriculum will focus on the programming and operation of 2.5D cutting, machine setup, troubleshooting, and optimization of the CNC machine. Remote lectures will cover the Haas CNC machines in the Northwestern Prototyping lab, which will be theory-only. Weekly homework & build projects will include various setup, test, and optimization assignments, and small student design projects. The final project is an open-ended project where students can design and manufacture a part of their choice. Students will be expected to spend time outside of class using CAM software to increase their familiarity with the program, and will be expected to manufacture parts outside of class time.
Students will be required to agree to and sign an at-home equipment use safety agreement, in order to enroll and receive credit for the course.

DSGN 345 topics are independent of any other course.

Teaching method: 50% lecture and 50% software use.

Learn more about the instructor, Michael Beltran.

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