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DSGN 315: Design, Technology, and Research

Quarter Offered

Spring : Friday's 12-2:50pm; The Garage Classroom ; Haoqi Zhang
Fall : Friday's 12-2:50pm; The Garage Classroom ; Haoqi Zhang
Winter : Friday's 12-2:50pm; The Garage Classroom ; Haoqi Zhang


Design, Technology, and Research (DTR) is a CS and Segal learning initiative that empowers students to drive cutting-edge research through the development of systems that shape new experiences with people and technology. Students participate in DTR through fast-paced, quarter-long programs (intended to be repeated). Students work with a mentor to identify a direction of research, explore and iterate over designs, prototype at varying fidelities, build working systems, conduct evaluative studies, and report findings through conference publications. As a cohort, each week students demo their prototypes, provide and receive feedback, and help each other resolve technical challenges. DTR adapts and extends agile development and design-based research practices with scrums, sprints, studio critique, design logs, and pair research.

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DTR projects are generously supported by National Science Foundation grants in Cyber-Human Systems, Cyberlearning, and the Research Initiation Initiative; a Microsoft FUSE Labs Research Award; a Northwestern Murphy Society Grant and Office of the Provost Award for Digital Learning; and Northwestern’s Department of Computer Science and Segal Design Institute.

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