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DSGN 243: Visual Thinking for Design (1/2 unit)

Quarter Offered

Fall : Tuesday, 2-4:50 pm; 5wk1; Hive Annex, Ford 2.340 ; John Hartman


No formal prerequisites. DSGN 220, Intro to Sketching, and some experience with Adobe Photoshop would be helpful but not necessary.


Often times when we confront a new problem space we choose to build up our understanding through research, readings and lectures. Visual Thinking for Design will focus upon complementing this understanding through the use of visual stimulus. We will work with visual thinking methods to help expand our understanding of a problem space resulting in a greater generation of ideas and a more tangible organization of our thoughts.

Primary image creating will be created in Adobe Photoshop so some exposure to Photoshop basics is helpful. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator resources are available to help prepare you for the required classwork.

 The structure of the class will involve working together on a low threshold (easy to understand) design project which we will create design deliverables while exploring the power of visual thinking. The goal of the class is to help students expand their ideation skills through the use of visual stimulus while gaining additional skills working within Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


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