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Lessons Learned So Far in MMM

Current second quarter students check in about the highlights from their introduction to MMM and what they're looking forward to most about the rest of their time in the program.

The newest cohort of MMM students arrived on campus this summer and is now in the midst of its second quarter in the program. Before the quarter progressed too far along, we wanted to check in with the students on how their first few months in the program were and what they're most looking forward to for the rest of their time in MMM. 


What was it about MMM that initially appealed to you? 

"I wanted to come out of business school ready to solve challenges at the intersection of product, strategy, and innovation in any industry, and the courses and experiences that MMM provided was the perfect way to prepare me for that." — Kate Reis

"The small, tight-knit community, plus MMM was an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and get skills in human-centered design." — Luis Cerro

"The very specific and intentional focus on the importance of human-centered design in business." — Deanna Mostowfi

"Being able to focus on the human as the core of products and solutions. I've worked a lot with big data in the past, where you get very little information from each data point, but human-centered design is all about having few data points but deeply understanding the rationale behind each. — Jake Erichson

What were the most important lessons you learned during your first quarter in MMM?

"I learned the importance of having both passion and discipline. The students and professors are amazing and super friendly, and I discovered the need to connect with not just the community but also myself on a deeper level." — Aditya Mahajan

"Time management and intentionality is key. There are limitless things you can do while in MMM, so the difficult part is being honest with yourself about your priorities and goals for business school, and being focused enough to do the activities that will help you achieve your goals." — Jake Erichson

"Traditional business practices can differ from a design perspective. That doesn't make it any less actionable or valuable. An extra lens is an advantage." — Santiago Valdes

"Everyone's journey is going to look different based on their own priorities, and while yours may look completely different than your peer next to you, that's perfectly OK and normal. While it is good to check in with your peers and open your eyes to opportunities you never knew existed, be careful not to compare your journey to anyone else's, or you may accidentally stray from your own path and goals." — Kate Reis

What are you most looking forward to about the rest of your MMM experience?

"I cannot wait to get into prototyping products and seeing directly how they could radically change consumer experiences." — Ashlyn Adelman

"I am looking forward to getting deeper in the MMM curriculum by taking courses such as Research Design Build (RDB), where we will get to work directly with an industry partner on a real business challenge through the lens of human-centered design. I can't wait to use the MMM framework during the business iteration and design process." — Kate Reis

"Periodically checking back on my initial self assessment to see how I have grown and changed (if at all) as I work in classes, clubs, and groups on topics I am passionate about. Plus, after a quarter in the Global Hub, I am excited to get creative in the Ford Center." — Matt Steggeman

"The people. Our MMM cohort is full of incredibly empathetic, fun, and inspiring people, and I am honored to call them friends. — Jake Erichson

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