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MMM Innovation Studio Spaces in Ford

  • Kellogg Ford MMM Conference Room 1.330 Seats 10. TV, phone, whiteboard.
    Phone: 847-491-8206
  • Kellogg Ford MMM Group Room 1.319Seats 4. TV, phone, whiteboard.
    Phone: 847-467-4109
  • Kellogg Ford MMM Group Room 1.315 - SW Corner. Seats 6. TV, phone, whiteboard.
    Phone: 847-491-2880
  • Ford Breakout Room 1.321 - Seats 4. Small whiteboard.
  • Ford Breakout Room 1.325 - Seats 4. Whiteboard.
  • MMM 1.327 - NW Seats 4. Whiteboard.

Reserving MMM Rooms


Kellogg Ford MMM Conference Room 1.330Kellogg Ford MMM Group Room 1.319, Kellogg Ford MMM Group Room 1.315, Ford Breakout Room 1.321, Ford Breakout Room 1.325, MMM 1.327, can be reserved by MMM students directly through Outlook.

Only 1 person can reserve a room. However, if a room can accommodate more than one person, additional participant names must be added to the textbox in the Outlook reservation request.


See step-by-step instructions for MMM students to reserve these rooms in Outlook

Printing in the MMM Studio

Refer to the links below for instructions on installing printer drivers for Mac and Windows computers.

MMM Printer Installation - Mac

MMM Printer Installation - Windows

Reimbursement Guidelines and Forms

The following reimbursement guidelines were created to establish standards and procedures in order to comply with the Northwestern University and McCormick School of Engineering travel and reimbursement policies. All reimbursement forms require a wet signature.

MMM Reimbursement Policy

Tax Exempt One-Time Use Letter

W-9 Form 

Visitor's Expense Report 

Evidence to submit with Expense Report

Gift Card Receipt Form

Help Contacts

McCormick IT can be contacted for tech support while working in Ford.

Ermias Gebrekidan can be contacted for assistance with reimbursements or any MMM-specific issue.

Susan Goren can be contacted for assistance with any MMM-specific issue.

Registration with other Northwestern Schools

MMM students who wish to take a non-Kellogg course at a Northwestern School should read these instructions. Students must notify Susan Goren, Associate Director for the MMM Program, if their request is approved to count towards Kellogg degree requirements by the Kellogg's FT Academic Advising.

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