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List of Courses for MMM Innovation Elective Requirement

MMM Innovation Elective

MMM students may choose one credit from a curated list of courses (below) which will satisfy the MMM innovation elective credit requirement. These courses target the areas of Design and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Technology.

DSGN 495-40 CPG Product and Business Innovation Studio

DSGN 495-0-50 Ethics and Identity in Design

COMP_SCI 397/497 Knight Lab

ENTREP 495 NUvention: Product Management 

ENTREP 475 NUvention: Analytics

ENTREP 476 NUvention: Arts

ENTREP 474 NUvention: Energy

KIEI 958 Commercializing Innovations 

ENTREP 471 NUvention: Transportation

ENTREP 472 NUvention: Therapeutics

ENTREP 473 NUvention: Web Media (two-quarter course)

ENTREP 395/495 NUvention: Consulting for Wearables

Only courses on this list will be approved. Several of these courses require an application. Please be aware that the MMM Program cannot ensure enrollment in any course. Any course offerings on this list are subject to change.

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