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Anita PrasadProduct Manager, Intuitive Surgical

Q & A

How have you leveraged MMM in your career so far?

MMM helped me round out my skillset to become a product manager. Thinking of the feasibility, viability, desirability framework for innovation, I felt I had a good understanding of feasibility from my engineering degree and hoped to build out viability with my MBA. MMM directly addressed the desirability component, giving me the skill sets to help unlock user needs and translate those observations into insights that could be leveraged into a solution. The lessons around rapid prototyping tools as well helped tremendously to show me how to quickly gather feedback by getting reactions to wireframes and early concepts without having to go through the time and resource-intensive process of actually building a product. I use my MMM background almost daily in my interactions with customers and bringing relevant feedback to the engineering team, so they can use it to develop newer and better products in the surgical robotics space. 

What advice do you have for a student starting the MMM Program?

Even though you have an extra summer quarter, time flies quickly. Take advantage of the summer by reflecting on what you want out of your MMM experience and find ways to iterate on your own career. If there is a topic or subject you're interested in, take a class, join a case study, or reach out to an alum to see if it is truly compelling to you. Business school is a unique chance to experiment with your career and MMM has a fantastic network to help!

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